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ORDINARY TIME (AKA Season of Pentecost)

“Ordinary” comes from the Latin ordo, meaning “order”. Ordinary Time is the commonplace, the regular, the everyday time. In between feasts and grand celebrations is the regular time of our lives, the time when faith lives and grows and sustains.

Ordinary time happen twice during the calendar year.
1. From the second week of January (Baptism of the Lord) until the beginning of Lent. (usually the end of Feb or beginning of March).
2. From Trinity Sunday through to Reign of Christ Sunday, the longest season of the church year.

We celebrate a number of Feast or Special Days during Ordinary Time.
Transfiguration Sunday
Season of Creation
World Day of Communion
Thanksgiving Sunday
Reformation Day
All Saints Day
Remembrance Sunday

The liturgical color for “ordinary Time” is Green. Green is a cool color, evoking nature, growth, vitality, freshness, harmony, endurance, and fertility. It is associated with healing and rest. It is the depth and stability of blue combined with the warmth and joy of yellow.

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