Spring 2020 – We are almost done! For updated information on Reimaging Grey Street, please click here.

National church newsletters

The national United Church has a number of short, focused thematic monthly newsletters that are very helpful for keeping track of all the resources and opportunities in the wider church. Sign up for them here  (you can unsubscribe at any time). One example from this month: E-ssentials, which highlights national work in which communities of faith and individuals can be involved, from prayers and liturgies to nominations.

New Prairie to Pine Website

A new website for Prairie to Pine Regional Council is in process of being designed and populated. Thank you for your patience as we await word on a launch date.

Prairie to Pine Newsletter

There is Prairie to Pine Region newsletter that you may wish to read. If you wish to subscribe to it,  contact Cherry at The newsletter comes out weekly and includes information from all around our new Region.

Tabs For Wheelchairs

Grey Street is honoured to aid in this endevour.