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From the Leadership Team.

Grey Street UC will be “closed” for July and August”  but will be returning for September 11, 2022.

Chairs for Sale

As lovely as our new Big Comfy Chairs are, the Worship and Leadership Teams have found it necessary to reduce the number of these chairs in the church.

The main goal of removing the pews and the subsequent renovations of the worship space was to make it multifunctional/flexible. This means having chairs that can be moved and stacked easily and chairs that take up less space so that we can enable maximum capacity of the worship space.  Unfortunately the Big Comfy Chairs do not fit this criteria.  We will be keeping and utilizing approximately half of the inventory.
This will leave 20 chairs for sale @ $50 each.
If you are interested please contact Cathy Welby by email or phone 204-930-0433.


Friendly Reminder:
The weekly email with the Sunday morning worship Zoom link is now being sent from the Grey Street Worship Team mailbox..

You should expect to see it in your email on Saturday. If you are not receiving this email please check your trash email. Please contact Cathy if you continue to have problems receiving this email.


May 01, 2022

* Continue to bring tabs to church in bags

* Catie getting her wheelchair in June

* Bernard and Hayden to get their wheelchairs next year

* appreciation shout out to Western Scrap Metal for their support and a reminder that people having larger items  can take them to Western Scrap and mention that it is on behalf of HydroX Winnipeg group to get the credit toward wheelchairs.

* appreciation shout out to Access Storage for storing the tabs each year for free and a good place if people need to rent storage space.

Hi Everyone,

It is so good to connect with you once again and get updated with the Tabs for Wheelchairs’ program! This has been another unbelievable year in so many ways! Let’s hope and pray that the upcoming year is a better one for everyone, here and around the world!!!

This is Tabs for Wheelchairs 24th year!  To think that many of us have been a part of this program for almost a quarter of a century! Where did these years go?

We want to thank everyone, whether you have been with us for a year, 24 years, or anywhere in between, for continuing to be faithful in collecting those precious little tabs! Also, a huge thanks to all who have given monetary donations throughout the years!  By this June, because of these particular individuals, the collection of tabs, and the various metals, etc. that you have taken in to be recycled, we have been able to give ???  specialized wheelchairs!  You will find out that number of wheelchairs when you read our April 2022 Newsletter, which is attached. You will be delightfully surprised!!!

Just a reminder of where our Tab Drop-Off locations are: 

  1. Trailblazers Life Choices (Winnipeg) at 1069 Autumnwood Drive in Windsor Park.  It is in a little strip mall directly behind the fire station at the corner of Autumnwood and Cottonwood.  It is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Because of Covid, please continue to leave your tabs outside in their blue recycle bin and it has been asked that you do not enter the building. They are open year-round except holidays.
  2. Trailblazers Life Choices (Steinbach) at B-197 Main St. It is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Because of Covid, please drop your tabs in the blue recycle bin outside their front door and it has been asked that you do not enter the building. They are also open year-round except for holidays.

Remember that you can also bring your tabs/cans/metal of any kind and size to: 

  1. Western Scrap Metals Inc. (Winnipeg) at 18 Sutherland Ave.
  2. Wesman Salvage (Brandon) at 855 49th St. East.

Don’t forget to inform them that the value of what you bring is to go to Tabs for Wheelchairs. This way, they will each credit our account at their respective places. You may ask for a receipt if you wish.

The deadline to deliver your tabs this year will again be in September.  The date is Friday, Sept. 16, 2022. I will remind you in our September newsletter.

Now, don’t forget to go to our 2022 April Newsletter attachment and see how many specialized wheelchairs we have actually been able to give to young individuals in our province. This is because of each and every one of you! Thank you so much! 


Gwen Buccini

Tabs for Wheelchairs Coordinator