“Walk for Worship” – Darcia Albrechtsen

I want to begin with this thought.

Being a Christian isn’t just about sitting in a church Sunday morning. Church is a strong foundation to build your faith, but what are you doing the rest of the days of the week? How do you present yourself to the world?

COVID-19 has affected the entire world and it’ll be a pause in history that we will reflect back on. The question is “will it be a time to reflect only on the negatives; or will we be able to draw on the strengths we developed as a result?”

This has been a unique time for all places of worship. Like other businesses, churches had to become creative in their way of continuing with their business. As a Christian, I feel this time in history is a time that people need worship more than ever! Thank goodness for online worship services. More importantly, I would like to think that this has been a practice run to be more than just a “Sunday morning Christian”.

COVID world gave me more time to devote to my daily devotionals and very long meditative walks. I always liked walking, so when my yoga studio suddenly shut down, I naturally extended my walks. This COVID pause in our life also provided a great learning opportunity to be a good influence to my daughters by staying fit both physically and mentally. These long walks have been a source of comfort and peace for me, and a time to reflect on life. During my walks, I listen to Christian motivational speakers, so with my walks being anywhere from 6 – 10 miles a day, this truly became a very spiritual experience. And what’s more, it was an opportunity for me, as a parent, to lead by example and encourage my daughters to ‘get out, get some fresh air and exercise, and clear your head’. I also encouraged my daughters to stay connected with friends, by getting out and cycling, walking or long boarding with them. Staying in the house for months on end is not healthy, both mentally and physically. Additionally, it was a teaching moment as a parent to show our thanks for our health by staying fit and to show our thanks for all we have by finding ways to give back to the community. This all was very important to me during this COVID time where remote learning meant my kids were at home all day, 7 days a week. Equally important, was looking for the positives in every day, while we continue to navigate through these times, where it’s too easy to get caught up with all the negative effects of COVID. I strongly believe that parents are the template for a child’s life.

My “Walk for Worship” is about all of this. It’s about giving back to the foundation of my faith, where it all began. My church home, Grey Street United Church.

So, I will be walking from my home in Charleswood to Grey Street United Church, which is around 10 miles there, and 10 miles back. For those who want to pledge me, please make a donation to Grey Street United Church. Weather permitting, I plan to do this walk on Saturday, September 26th.

Note: Watch for more information during the coming week on how you can support Darcia’s “Walk for Worship”.

Pie Fundraiser – Luane Campbell – Fresh Homemade Apple Pies for Sale

October 3, 2020 (just in time for Thanksgiving)

Delivery available: Check the bulletin next week for more details!

Zoom Gatherings: Staying safe and connecting face to face virtually. Consider joining in.

New!! Sunday mornings between 10:45 and 11:20 am (sign in whenever it works for you) – invitations will be sent out to all online members each Saturday. Come and say Hi, just like you would when walking into the church Sunday morning. Then stay and worship together online. (We are praying for a successful launch this Sunday).

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Can you think of other groups or activities that could be held on zoom? Let your creative minds work.

From the Worship Team: With the decision for the church to remain closed for in person worship our focus will be on continuing to stay connected. With the fall Worship season just under way it is time to consider adding new ideas for Keeping in Touch and being church. Today’s announcements are filled with “hope”, offering ways to participate and support our church home in this time of change.

We know that being “online” makes it easy to connect but please be assured that those “not online” are not forgotten. Weekly worship services will continue to be delivered/mailed. Plans are being made to connect by phone on a regular basis and possibly a pen pal project.

If you have ideas let us know. The more folks can stay connected in some small way the better.

Survey results have been tabulated and will be shared on this site in a day or two.

Our covenant with the region is accepted and we will be part of a covenanting service on Zoom worship on either Sept 30 6;30 to 9:00 or October 7.

Paste this link into your web browser to read an important message from Nora Sanders, General Secretary of The United Church of Canada.

Moderator Richard Bott has posted a prayer for the opening of schools. Read it here.


I am very please to announce that I will be serving at Grey St. for one more year at half time. The reason I am now able to make this commitment, is because I will also be offering half time at St. Paul’s United in Beausejour. My time will be 20 hrs per week at Grey St. and 20 hrs per week at St. Paul’s. I will be in the GSUC office on Wednesdays and Fridays (hours will vary depending on what is happening). Sunday worship will start at 11:30 AM each Sunday. 

Blessings! Susan

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Tabs For Wheelchairs

Grey Street is honoured to continue to aid in this endevour. Donna Cameron (she collects the tabs) requests that we bring collect the tabs at home and bring them to the church when we re-open in the fall (fingers are crossed). Also, please limit the size to zip lock bag size.