House Groups


In September of 2008, we reorganized the membership into House Groups. The House Groups were formed as a means to get more people involved with Worship related tasks. The House Groups also provided a way for people of all ages to connect and have fun while supporting the Life and Work of our congregation.

Currently we have 4 House Groups:

  • Hope House
  • House of Caring
  • Inspiration House
  • House of Peace

Each month, one House Group is responsible for weekly worship and hospitality support (includes greeting at door, gathering offering, scripture reading, communion, assisting with seasonal décor, making coffee, choosing an outreach project to support and fellowship events).

The House Groups are rotated on a monthly basis between the months of Sept and May.

The 2019-20 calendar is as follows:

Sep 2019 – House of Caring

Oct 2019 – Inspiration House

Nov 2019 – House of Peace

Dec 2019 – Hope House

Jan. 2020 – House of Caring

Feb. 2020 – Inspiration House

Mar. 2020 – House of Peace

Apr. 2020 – Hope House

May 2020 – House of Caring

Wondering which House Group you are in?
Contact House Group Coordinator Jamie Swiscosk

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