House Groups


In September of 2008, we reorganized the membership into House Groups with the members of a group being responsible for weekly worship assistance, fellowship events and other responsibilities for a month at a time. Some tasks of house group are greeting at the door before Sunday worship, reading scripture, taking up offering, and contributing basic supplies (coffee, tea, sugar, and so on).

Currently, the following on-going Interest Groups are active at Grey Street:

  • Worship
  • Pastoral Care
  • Music (choir)
  • Concordia Place
  • Mission and Service
  • T’BJIGGN (7 United Church churches in the NE part of Winnipeg)

In the past, we have also had the following Interest Groups

  • Dinner Theater
  • Back Packs
  • Paint a Christmas Sign
  • Singing With Joy
  • Meat Pies