Grey Street Events


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Dinner and Virtual Theater, Celebrating our Dinner Theater History – May 1, 2021 More details coming soon.

75th Anniversary Gathering – Sunday September 12, 2021 – lots of time to get your COVID vaccine so we can really party!

75th Anniversary Tea & Bazaar – Saturday Nov 6, 2021 – lots of creative ideas are already in the works!

75 Anniversary Worship Sunday Dec 5 – this is the Sunday closest to the actual anniversary date December 2.


General Congregational Meeting

From the Chair of Grey Street United Church, Luane Campbell:
This announcement is to let you know that a congregational meeting of Grey Street United Church will be held on March 21, 2021. The meeting is being called because the Pastoral Relations team has completed the work necessary to advertise for a minister and we need your approval to move forward in the process. Details of how the meeting will be held will be announced next week but will happen from the comfort of your own home, with no gathering at the church or any other location.
If the completed work of the Pastoral Relations team is approved at the meeting, the Ministry Profile team will be disbanded and a new Ministry Search team will be formed and voted on at this meeting.  The responsibility of the Ministry Search team is to review applications, interview, and hire our new minister. If you are interested in joining the new team and/or have questions, please contact Diane McKenty or Luane Campbell for more details.
Your Pastoral Relations Team,
Diane McKenty, Luane Campbell, George Marciniw,
Karen Maxwell, Wendy Neplyk, and Cathy Welby