Cancellation Information

GSUC Closure Letter

March 19, 2020
Grace and Peace be with our Grey Street Members,
After further discussion and consultation with various people at Grey Street United
Church, it has been decided to cancel the next two Sunday services, March 22nd
and March 29th . The hope is to resume services for Palm Sunday. We are also
placing all activities on hold until further notice. This includes “Self Care” day
and the “Joyful Sound Singers” renovation celebration. We will continue to
reassess as we monitor this ever-evolving situation. Should you have any questions
or concerns, we encourage you to contact your minister, Susan, at or call/text at 204-918-6981. Or leave a message on the
church machine or email 204-667-9413 or and either Bob or
Susan will get back to you.

Susan encourages you to contact her by email/phone for any kind of spiritual and
pastoral need. Gladys is also available by phone. Susan will also be making calls to
check on various people, and encourages you to phone people to offer care and
concern or if you can offer to run an errand.

Hospital visits will take place when high priority only. Home visit will be
postponed unless the risk is very low, and need is very high. Possibly meeting at the
church one on one, will be acceptable, if the risk is low. She will try to continue to
be available for emergency pastoral care during the next few weeks. Please also note
that memorial services might be delayed until a later date, to minimize the opportunity
for transmission of the virus. (this is recommended by General Council)

While we actively practice social distancing to “flatten the curve” of spreading COVID-
19, we can pro-actively widen the circle of God’s love and spiritual care by embracing
plans such as home worship, possibly a phone tree and Sunday school connection,
and other creative ways.

Note; office hours for both Susan and Bob will be spotty. Both will be working
from home as much as possible. There will be a message on the machine
announcing worship cancellation(s).

Here are some plans to support our faith community:
Home worship: By the end of the week, you will receive a short worship material
package by email (just like a bulletin, and easy to print at home) that is customized for a
15 – 20 min “home” worship with family, friends or alone. If you can find a partner
outside your home, that would be great, too! We encourage you to worship with
someone else on the phone or by video-calling, if you can. Each worship will be
designed to help participants to engage with each other by sharing their reflection on
the issue or the Bible readings. You may choose to sing one hymn with the You Tube
Video with the lyrics (just like Karaoke). Susan will provide you with the link!This information will also be placed on our web site along with reflection questions.
Sermons: You will receive sermons in the group email on Sunday. Also, if you would
like to get printed sermons, please make request. We should be able to deliver them to
you in person or mail them.
Pastoral Care through a Phone Tree: Susan is asking that we create a team to
reach out to our members to offer attentive listening and support. We should be ‘lovingly
connected’, even though physically distanced. A volunteer to take this on with Susan’s help is needed. If you would be part of that Phone Tree, Cathy has graciously volunteered to organize it, please be in touch with her.
Financial contributions: Please consider continuing your regular giving as you would
do for the summer months.
Connecting with Children: We value and find great joy in our children’s participation and involvement. We encourage every child at Grey Street to write or draw what’s on their mind and send it to Susan. (Parents, grandparents, great-grand parents, take a picture of
them!) With the family’s permission, we would love to share them in our group emails (if
that’s OK). Let’s tell our children that they are such an important part of our community
and we love them. (Send me your kind words of love and encouragement to each child
or about their work of creativity, and I will pass them on!)
Reminder: Beginning Sunday, March 22, 2020, Moderator Richard Bott will be offering
an online worship service each Sunday for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This will be a video-recorded service you can share. As soon as Susan has the site address, she will share it.
Grey Street Leadership Team