Worship at Conference – May 27

The Leadership Team has decided that our congregation will join others and attend worship at The Conference of Manitoba and Northern Ontario at the University of Manitoba on Sunday, May 27.   We will be taking school buses to this event and there will be a nominal charge.  If you are planning on coming, we need to know, so please sign up on the sheet on the table in the narthex.

Note: Grey Street United Church will NOT be offering worship that morning.

After worship on Sunday, June 3, please join us for a “ROAST” for Office Administrator Greg Holowka. A light lunch will be served afterwards. Please see Wendy Neplyk or Bob Logan if you would like to share a few stories about Greg.  Thank you!



LARGE MEAT PIE – $4.00  SMALL – $3.00

TO ORDER, CALL THE CHURCH @ 204-667-9413